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What we do

Customized work

In addition to complete Glampinglife KFT we provide customized work as well. Sometimes you want something else as the mass majority, a bigger size or a nice shaped terrace it’s all possible. Also impassable areas are possible areas for us! Glampinglife KFT will realize your ideas!

24 Services

Some projects are on a very tide time-schedule. This is why Glampinglife KFT got a 24-hour service. That means we will make a day and night shift if necessary to get the job done in time. As Glampinglife KFT started as a montage company in the expo we know how to work on a tight time schedule.

Season ready

In the glamping sector we have to deal with the seasons. Mostly this means that we have to get everything ready before the guests arrive for the summertime. We also have to prepare the glamping tents and bungalows for the winter as well. Glampinglife KFT can also deliver season packages to get your accommodation summer and winter ready all over Europe. Before the summertime you want to have everything ready for the guests. After the season you want to have the tents prepared and covered up for the winter season.


After a couple of years, the safari tents and bungalows received a numerous of guests and the interior and exterior can use some refurbishing to give your customers for the next year the quality they deserve. Glampinglife KFT provides your safari and glamping accommodations with a refurbishing treatment this means that we totally refresh the glamping accommodations, everything what is damaged will be repaired. The floor will get a new cover and the canvas will get a protection coating. We also check the tension of the inner tent and the PVC roof. Also the terrace will shine again, after a refurbishing the safari tent or bungalow will feel as new! Also more heavy refurbishing treatments we can provide.


Our quality is not only our experience. We also work with the best companies and suppliers who deliver the refined materials as you can see below. Every piece of wood is selected and cut out in the millimeter. The couplings are not a mass product but laser welded metal parts. The PVC roofs and the inner tents can be shaped out in every size and can be delivered in the best quality there is available, double stitched with the strongest yarn, it’s all possible!

You as well appreciated relation gets the best there is at Glampinglife KFT, we guarantee it!

Our process

Your glamping dream



Every project has his own environment, too make the best of your glamping experience we guide you with the development suiting to the area where your glamping project will take place. Glamping-life will always be in-lineament with the relevant location, developing your project as space efficient as possible. We are happy to guide you through the different options concerning colors and materials. Also making sure you always feel safe when the sun is not shining is very important to us. Due to our great commitment to the design until the last finishing touches in the montage, we are sure to say we can deliver a product with class and appearance suiting to your wishes.



Glamping-Life works with a carefully thought true selected group of suppliers who can supply us with the best materials there are all around the globe. With our customized guidance we can provide a very big variety of interior- and exterior solutions. Our glamping materials not only have a beautiful appearance but are also made to last. Through our maintenance service we can also guarantee that you can enjoy your beautiful project for many years to come.



Because of our years of experience all around the globe in all kinds of environments working with the best assembling teams we can guarantee your project is in the best hands. Our production and montage teams are stationed all over the world and ready to jump in whenever necessary.



To make sure you as appreciated customer gets the best glamping experience you deserve, the endurance of your own custom made clamping tent is an important factor. Because of the different climates and materials, we will gladly provide you with a maintenance plan suiting to your glamping project. Our customized maintenance plan along with the use of the best materials guarantees you can enjoy your glamping project for many years. Contact us today for more information!